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The Simple Rules

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1 The Simple Rules on Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:34 pm

Our rules are short and simple!
Be nice to other members.
Don't spam anyone.
Be courteous to everyone.
Conduct your self and your posts with dignity!!
Only place posts in the appropriate forums!
Do NOT place referral links in your posts, Use your signatures for your referral links instead,
OR create your own member page in the appropriate forum!

If you place a link here with a virus or trojan, you will
Piss Me Off! Don't do it if you know whats good for you!

Anyone found being obnoxious, rude, or annoying in any manner
WILL BE DELETED, its that simple.

This forum and it's members have no time or tolerance for ignorance of the above sort.
So if you want to stay here, BE NICE!!

And most importantly.......

Don't make me be forced to add more rules I love you

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